Need a Qualified Intermediary?

The Internal Revenue Service requires that you utilize the services of a Qualified Intermediary to assist with your tax deferred exchange.

The Qualified Intermediary will prepare your exchange documentation, which when executed at closing will convert your taxable sale into a non-taxable exchange. The QI will also setup a trust account to securely hold all your exchange funds during the 180 day exchange period.

Another IRS requirement is that you must setup your exchange prior to the closing of your Relinquished or Exchange Property.

In order to ensure the best possible Exchanger experience, Perch Wealth has partnered with Fyntex, one of the nation's leading 1031 exchange processors to provide an integrated and seamless process for Exchangers

  • Unsurpassed 1031 expertise and experience
  • Fast document turnaround in an hour
  • Restricted 1031 accounts for true funds security
  • 24/7 secure access to documents and funds
  • Ask how Perch will subsidize your exchange fee
  • Fyntex Exchange Officer on phone
    Integrated 1031 Processing by Fyntex

    Speak With a 1031 Expert

    As the preferred Qualified Intermediary partner of Perch Wealth, our goal is to seamlessly assist you and your Perch Wealth by streamlining the 1031 process and providing the absolute best tax deferred exchange experience possible.

    Through experience we've learned that many Exchangers have a few questions before they embark upon a 1031 exchange. This is why for the benefit of Perch Wealth clients, we always make one of our expert 1031 team available to answer your questions or walk through your transaction with you before you get started start. It usually only takes a few minutes either by telephone or Zoom videoconference to ensure that your exchange will be handled compliantly and flawlessly.

    If you'd like to schedule a convenient time to discuss your exchange logistics, use the Calendy tool to reserve an appointment.

    For those that are ready to get started, if you sedn us a copy of your Purchase and Sale Agreement together with the contact information for your Closer, we can have the exchange documents completed and your 1031 trust account set up within an hour. Once you've elctroniclly executed your exchange docuemnst, we'll sedn your login credentials to our secure portal where you cn track your docuemnst and funds 24/7.

    A Word About Fyntex 1031 Processing

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